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    4 months ago
    hi i have a question about pulumi.yaml files, as there are multiple i kinda see the intention pulumi.dev.yaml for dev env pulumi.prod.yaml for prod env but what is the prupose of pulumi.yaml? Contents of pulumi.yaml (auto generated)
    name: modules
    runtime: nodejs
    description: A minimal AWS TypeScript Pulumi program
    vs pulumi.dev.yaml
    aws:region: eu-west-1
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  • w


    4 months ago
    Hello. I have an automation app that some times ends up in a weird state and wonder if anyone might know what happens? If our automation project fails once to update a stack all the updates to the same stack after that will end with
    "One or more errors occurred"
    Even though everything has succeeded. If I restart the application it works just fine and the message disappear, which I find pretty strange.
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  • b


    4 months ago
    Edit to keep the channel clean: panic when trying to show diff for a helm chart resource https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/9502
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  • c


    4 months ago
    Is there a way to fetch the existing
    Docker network using the Docker Pulumi api? The current api requires the id of the resource, which we don't know at this point. However, in a Docker Desktop configurations you have the local host network by default.
  • r


    4 months ago
    I have a number of existing Projects, most with multiple Stacks, that I would like to setup on the S3 state backend. So far, each project just has a
    in it that controls all of the settings, and Stack specific config is determined by
    in the code. If I wanted to make it so that in all cases, the state file would be written in S3 like:
    , what is the easiest way to enforce that? Do I need a
    for each stack in each project? Or is there a centralized way I could do this in the code somehow, or in the single
    file for each project? And would I run into any issues if multiple different projects use the same stack names, such as
    , and
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    4 months ago
    Is it not possible to call
    from within an
    lambda function? I'd like to conditionally export something if an Output has a particular value, but it doesn't appear to be working 😕
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    4 months ago
    Is there a harm in upgrading typescript version in a pulumi project ? I see that the
    version that comes with pulumi is
    Version 3.7.5
    and I want to upgrade the typescript version to
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    4 months ago
    hey lovely community folks! I'm excited to announce the community slack is now publicly searchable! See the announcement post here: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/announcing-community-slack-archive/ You can see all the logs from the beginning of last week at https://archive.pulumi.com Happy searching!
  • d


    4 months ago
    Ok, it's official - I'm stuck on the azure provider (again). I want to simply make use of whatever account I'm logged into the az cli with. In my case this is an admin account, and I expect to be able to do anything with it within the Azure tenant. The only azure-native configuration I have in my pulumi stack configuration is for the location. When I run pulumi up, I get this: Diagnostics: pulumi😛ulumi:Stack (soxes-infra-bootstrapper): error: Running program 'G:\src\src_x25_exploration\global\bootstrapping\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1\bootstrapping.dll' failed with an unhandled exception: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. at object RuntimeTypeHandle.CreateInstance(RuntimeType type, bool publicOnly, bool wrapExceptions, ref bool canBeCached, ref RuntimeMethodHandleInternal ctor, ref bool h asNoDefaultCtor) at object RuntimeType.CreateInstanceDefaultCtorSlow(bool publicOnly, bool wrapExceptions, bool fillCache) at object RuntimeType.CreateInstanceDefaultCtor(bool publicOnly, bool skipCheckThis, bool fillCache, bool wrapExceptions) at T Activator.CreateInstance<T>() at Task<int> Pulumi.Deployment+Runner.Pulumi.IRunner.RunAsync<TStack>(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)+() => { } at Task<int> Pulumi.Deployment+Runner.RunAsync<TStack>(Func<TStack> stackFactory) ---> Grpc.Core.RpcException: Status(StatusCode="Unknown", Detail="invocation of azure-n ative:authorization:getClientConfig returned an error: getting authenticated object ID: Error parsing json result from the Azure CLI: Error retrieving running Azure CLI: WARNIN G: The underlying Active Directory Graph API will be replaced by Microsoft Graph API in Azure CLI 2.37.0. Please carefully review all breaking changes introduced during this mi gration: https://docs.microsoft.com/cli/azure/microsoft-graph-migration") at async Task<InvokeResponse> Pulumi.GrpcMonitor.InvokeAsync(ResourceInvokeRequest request) at async Task<SerializationResult> Pulumi.Deployment.InvokeRawAsync(string token, SerializationResult argsSerializationResult, InvokeOptions options) x 2 at async Task<T> Pulumi.Deployment.InvokeAsync<T>(string token, InvokeArgs args, InvokeOptions options, bool convertResult) at async Task<string> ComponentLibrary.Util.GetSubscriptionScopeIdAsync() in G😕src/src_x25_exploration/ComponentLibrary/Util.cs:line 13 at string ComponentLibrary.Util.get_SubscriptionId() in G😕src/src_x25_exploration/ComponentLibrary/Util.cs:line 8 at new BootstrappingStack() in G😕src/src_x25_exploration/global/bootstrapping/BootstrappingStack.cs:line 31 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- Any pointers?
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  • d


    4 months ago
    From past experience this is the auth failing, but my az account show works - and shows the subscription I want to deploy to.