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    3 months ago
    Pulumi is complaining: error deleting Target Group: ResourceInUse: Target group ‘arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:XXX’ is currently in use by a listener or a rule I think I understand the reason but how could I make a stack update then? Should I update it in two pass? (one removing the Listener first?)
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    3 months ago
    Hey folks. I've been having an issue with the
    in a managed
    resource using the Node version of pulumi. The option seems to have no effect and the created resource seems to always have the default value of
    export const atlasPeer = new mongodbatlas.NetworkPeering('atlas-peer', {
      providerName: "AWS",
      awsAccountId: AWS_ACCOUNT_ID,
      vpcId: VPC_ID,
      projectId: ATLAS_PROJECT_ID,
      containerId: mongoCluster.containerId,
      accepterRegionName: AWS_REGION,
      routeTableCidrBlock: '',
      atlasCidrBlock: '',
    This snippet creates a stack output of
      "accepterRegionName": "us-west-2",
      "atlasCidrBlock": "",
      "atlasGcpProjectId": "",
      "atlasId": "XXXXXXXXXX",
      "atlasVpcName": "",
      "awsAccountId": "999999999",
      "azureDirectoryId": "",
      "azureSubscriptionId": "",
      "connectionId": "pcx-XXXXXXXX",
      "containerId": "XXXXXXXXXX",
      "errorMessage": "",
      "errorState": "",
      "errorStateName": "",
      "gcpProjectId": "",
      "id": "XXXXXXXXX",
      "networkName": "",
      "peerId": "XXXXXXXXX",
      "projectId": "XXXXXXXX",
      "providerName": "AWS",
      "resourceGroupName": "",
      "routeTableCidrBlock": "",
      "status": "",
      "statusName": "PENDING_ACCEPTANCE",
      "urn": "urn:pulumi:staging::journey::mongodbatlas:index/networkPeering:NetworkPeering::atlas-peer",
      "vnetName": "",
      "vpcId": "vpc-00000000"
    ...with an
    , though the created peering connection instead has the default Atlas CIDR of
    , as does its corresponding route table entry on my aws side. Interestingly, the stack output's value for atlasCidrBlock doesn't even change across
    pulumi refresh
    operations. Is it possible I'm doing something wrong? If not, is this most likely a bug with pulumi or with atlas? Thanks!
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    3 months ago
    Hi, awesome people 👋 Having a weird issue with deploying Lambda@Edge functions using
    . For some reason, Pulumi started deploying these functions included a big portion of
    in the package, which deploys a package size of +15.5 MB (which is too big to use as a Lambda Edge. I have tried stripping everything in the function and making sure to prevent any open closures, basically reducing it to
    callback: () => {}
    . No matter what I do, it keeps including
    in the lambda package itself. It used to worked perfectly, now I have zero idea what I suddenly did wrong to trigger this. Any ideas how I can debug this, or how I can force-exclude
    from the package?
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    3 months ago
    Hey All! I wanted to know am I capable of using Pulumi in order to modify a specific lambda I have already deployed> I want to add subscription filters to a few lambdas that I already have. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help! 😄
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    3 months ago
    Pulumi does a nice job of generating code for resources I
    pulumi import
    . Is there any way to get pulumi to generate this code without actually importing the infra into my stack? I’d prefer to use the “import resource” option to manage my stack state, but I still find the code generation very helpful.
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    3 months ago
    Hi All,
  • p


    3 months ago
    Been checking out Pulumi, and I'm having a hard time understanding what Pulumi can offer outside of what is already available in AWS cdk. I've looked at some tutorials and such, but I still haven't seen what I think is a big difference. Could someone enlighten me?
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    3 months ago
    Is there a Pulumi provider for Google Cloud Looker ?
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    3 months ago
    Hi, i am pretty new to pulumi. And I want to popluate a pretty big stack, based on some information that i can retrieve from an webservice. Why should it be a bad idea to dynamically determine the resources to create while the host-language runs. The only thing i can think of is possible differences between pulumi preview and pulumi up. Thanks in advance to show my, why this is could be a bad idea.
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    3 months ago
    Hi guys, I'm implementing some pulumi policy pack, but it seems on a policy pack project is not possible using the pulumi functions like (aws.ec2.get_vpc) or similar like that. When I trying to use one of this I get the following error. Do you guys know if is there a proper way to use this functions on a policy pack? btw if I use this on a pulumi project there is no errors