03/13/2023, 8:55 AM
Hello. It's my first time using Pulumi in a project, and I'm having some difficulties with App Settings + DeploymentSlot. I'm using a DeploymentSlot in my project, and my idea is that every new changes should goes via Deployment(Staging)-Slot and then to the actual App(production). When I make a deployment the first time, the new AppSettings values are getting swapped with the production values, which is intended. However, the issue is when I make a redeploy(without any changes), then the oldest version of AppSettings that is in StagingSlot is then swapped to production again. Ideally I would want it to get the newest values from the code again and THEN swap. Has anyone encountered the same issue or what is the best way to handle DeploymentSlot and AppSettings? Please let me know if I didn't make myself clear. Thanks in advance.