I am trying to set up a WebAppSlot for a WebApp re...
# azure
I am trying to set up a WebAppSlot for a WebApp resource (created in the same script). I am getting the following error
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azure-native:web/v20181101:WebAppSlot (slotResource):
    error: autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status=<nil> <nil>
which is not helpful at all. The pulumi github issues with similar errors say to search the Azure logs for that resource, but the problem is that the resource does not exist on Azure since the creation failed. The provisioning script for the WebAppSlot looks like this (TypeScript):
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const slotResource = new web.v20181101.WebAppSlot(
      name: siteResource.name,
      resourceGroupName: resourceGroupVar.name,
      location: locationParam,
      slot: pulumi.interpolate`${siteResource.name}-deployment`,
      serverFarmId: appServicePlan?.name ?? serverFarmIdParam,
      dependsOn: dependencies,
resourceGroupVar is used in the WebApp, so that works. siteResource is the WebApp itself, and the resource exist. It is also added to the dependencies list (which WebAppSlot relies depends on). locationParam is the same as for the WebApp. slot is uncertain if it works or not. The intention is to dynamically create the slot naming based on the WebApp name. serverFarmId is the same logic as for the WebApp. Are there any "next steps" for troubleshooting this in a systematic or coherent way, that allows me to read the specific error message in more detail and work from there?
Hi @melodic-rain-98270, sorry for the unhelpful error message, that might be a bug. In Azure, failed creation attempts should leave a trace in the resource group’s activity logs. This might have more information.
Thank you! Seems our plan does not cover any more AppSlots.
Glad I could help. It would be awesome if you could file a quick bug report for the
error message, either at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues if you use the native Azure provider or at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure/issues if you use the classic one.