03/16/2023, 5:15 PM
Hi all! I have a problem when try to make a
pulumi up -r
on a stack with:
export const directory = new aws.directoryservice.Directory(
    edition: 'Standard',
    name: '<|>',
    password: '',
    size: 'Small',
    type: 'MicrosoftAD',
    vpcSettings: {
      subnetIds: ['subnet-0d8a88b0bcacb298c', 'subnet-0a10d5aad6b1ada7c'],
    tags: config.tags,
    protect: true,
I receive:
  aws:directoryservice:Directory (credijusto):
    error: aws:directoryservice/directory:Directory resource 'credijusto' has a problem: Missing required argument: The argument "password" is required, but no definition was found.. Examine values at 'Directory.Password'.
So, at first I have realised that the password in the new version of the aws npm library can't be empty. So, I put the password that Admin user has on the AD. But Pulumi try to recreate the resource, and I don't want to. I think that there is a bug, because if I put 'password' on ignoreChanges Pulumi said that password is mandatory. So at this time, i think that I have no solution.