03/17/2023, 2:56 PM
Does anyone know how to set up dkim records using aws.sesv2? Or is it only possible using
nvm I think I've figured it out from the docs
no, I'm lost. I've got this so far:
export function createIdentity(
    configurationSet: aws.sesv2.ConfigurationSet
) {
    const identity = new aws.sesv2.EmailIdentity("sesEmailIdentity", { 
        emailIdentity: "",
        configurationSetName: configurationSet.configurationSetName,
        dkimSigningAttributes: {
            signingAttributesOrigin: "AWS_SES"

    identity.dkimSigningAttributes.tokens.apply((tokens) => {
        for (const token of tokens) {
            const record = new aws.route53.Record("sesDKIMRecord", {
                name: "",
                type: "CNAME",
                records: [],
I know that the record is meant to have a name that is
and then the record is meant to be
but I'm not sure where I get both pieces of information. I'm presuming the token is one of them but where is the other?
ignore me forgot that the token was reused in both the name and the record