03/26/2023, 9:39 AM
Hello Team, I would like to ask you for assistance, I have installed chaos-mash via HELM, but I want to configure ingress to get chaos-mesh-dashboard accessible via ingress. Not sure how to proceed, do I need to use kubernetes-ingress-nginx.IngressController resource ? In my case I am using nginx ingress installed via HELM also. Thank you in advance. Ned.
const chaosMesh = new k8s.helm.v3.Release(
      name: "chaos-mesh",
      chart: "chaos-mesh",
      namespace: "chaos-mesh",
      version: "2.5.1",
      repositoryOpts: {
        repo: "<>",
      values: {
        controllerManager: {
          enableFilterNamespace: true,
        chaosDaemon: {
          runtime: "containerd",
          socketPath: "/run/containerd/containerd.sock",
        annotations: {
          "<|>": "nginx",
    { dependsOn: [k8sCluster] }