What is the correct way to update the Pulumi IaC f...
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What is the correct way to update the Pulumi IaC from v2 to v3? I am hitting a major roadblock with resources getting enough diffs as to warrant a recreate: Eg Blob Storage (Storage Account) no longer has a property called 'AllowBlobPublicAccess', apparently the new name is 'AllowNestedItemsToBePublic' (same as Terraform). When I update the code (no other changes) and do a refresh / up, I get a significant diff which ends up dropping the Storage Account (not what I want 😄 )
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Pulumi.Azure Version="3.*" => "5.39.0"
+-azure:storage/account:Account: (replace)
[provider: urn:pulumi:*******::*****-Stack::pulumi:providers:azure::default_3_56_0::a73452a7-89a5-4665-b5a1-a7d472984f76 => urn:pulumi:*******::*****-Stack::pulumi:providers:azure::default_5_39_0::output<string>]
      + allowNestedItemsToBePublic     : true
      + crossTenantReplicationEnabled  : true
      + defaultToOauthAuthentication   : false
      + infrastructureEncryptionEnabled: false
      + publicNetworkAccessEnabled     : true
      + queueEncryptionKeyType         : "Service"
      + sftpEnabled                    : false
      + tableEncryptionKeyType         : "Service"
How can I update Pulumi without wrecking the storage account in the process? There should be some upgrade docs with breaking changes, but it seems that between Pulumi updates, Terraform provider versions and Azure API breaking changes, im in a quite the big mess. And this is just a simple Storage Account with an Azure CDN attached. Next up: AKS, databases and ServicePrincipals 😕
Hey did you resolve this issue? I've got the same problem.
@great-byte-67992 unfortunately no, I kicked the can down the road. But at some point I'll have to deal with the problem somehow.