Hello, I am trying to setup a azure appconfigurati...
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Hello, I am trying to setup a azure appconfiguration.ConfigurationStore. As far as I understand, there i no way using azure-native to get the connectionstrings (at least I cannot find any docs on it, also azure ARM resource definition seems not to have anything in that regard). That would mean I need to fallback using azure-classic for that one? I know there is the option of using a ManagedIdentity, and I am slowly progressing towards using that, but going step by step here. Thanks for your responses.
Another alternative would be to use the relevant Azure SDK directly in your code, alongside Pulumi. Since Pulumi focuses on resource management, users sometimes do that for data plane operations.
Thanks Thomas for suggesting that option. I just tried using the Azure classic provider and it works just fine. But I will consider your suggestion for such tasks in the future, I already do sth. similar wrt to keyvault secrets.