Does anyone have an idea if something needs to be ...
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Does anyone have an idea if something needs to be done to use AWS Crosswalk on Pulumi? I pretty much run into an issue with the AWSX Resource URN no matter what I end up using:
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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: expected qualified type to have 1 or 2 parts, split by '\$', got 'awsx:ecs:FargateService, awsx:ecs:FargateTaskDefinition, aws:ecs/taskDefinition:TaskDefinition'
        at com.pulumi.core.internal.Objects.require(
        at com.pulumi.core.internal.Objects.require(
        at com.pulumi.core.internal.Urn$QualifiedTypeName.parse(
        at com.pulumi.core.internal.Urn.parse(
        at com.pulumi.serialization.internal.Deserializer.tryDeserializeResource(
I've filed an issue for this in GitHub - ; I'm just a little surprised that I couldn't find a single other GitHub issue with the same issue as mine, given that this makes AWSX pretty much not work with the java SDK. And this does make me suspect that it's probably something I'm doing wrong