Relatively often I get this error from pulumi, I'm...
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Relatively often I get this error from pulumi, I'm not quite sure what does it relate to. OS: MacOS 13.2.1 (22D68) Mac M1 pulumi binary is Arm64
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Error: invocation of aws:route53/getZone:getZone returned an error: error reading from server: read tcp> use of closed network connection 
In past had a problem due to an error in GoLang not being able to select 1 DNS server when DHCP offered 3, so I set DNS server to google and it was working OK until now
Please file an issue for this here:
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I think there was an issue with the Go problem. I'm not sure it has been resolved or not. Also, it turned out that my problem was connected to the fact that 2 stacks had different KMS keys, so executing 1 stack could not access the other KMS key. Weirdly enough the setup is working if 1 stack has pulumi service as secret provider while the other stack has KMS.
@great-sunset-355 can you access both KMS keys with the same set of credentials?
Yeah, I realized I was using 2 different profiles to access the keys, so I ended up fixing the key policy 🙂