I am trying to import a resource because I am movi...
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I am trying to import a resource because I am moving it into a ComponentResource. One resource is failing to import because:
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  mongodbatlas:index:NetworkPeering (network-peering):
    warning: inputs to import do not match the existing resource; importing this resource will fail
However they do not differ from my side,
changes the case of
from uppercase to lowercase internally but throws an error if I try to give it `aws`to make it not differ. Is there a way to override this?
Here's the diff from details, I know why it is different but I'm powerless to make it not different
If I give it
, I get:
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mongodbatlas:index:NetworkPeering (network-peering):
    error: mongodbatlas:index/networkPeering:NetworkPeering resource 'network-peering' has a problem: expected provider_name to be one of [AWS AZURE GCP], got aws. Examine values at 'NetworkPeering.ProviderName'.
    error: Preview failed: one or more inputs failed to validate
It wasn't fun but I manually edited the stack and imported it which seems to have gotten around the issue