04/11/2023, 5:04 PM
Hi Pulumi team, I had a question regarding EKS. I am using crosswalk to create an EKS cluster. I use a mixture of public and private subnet ids. Based on the comments in the file, I assumed by default worker nodes will only be assigned ips from the private subnet.
* Worker network architecture options:
     *  - Private-only: Only set `privateSubnetIds`.
     *    - Default workers to run in a private subnet. In this setting, Kubernetes
     *    cannot create public, internet-facing load balancers for your pods.
     *  - Public-only: Only set `publicSubnetIds`.
     *    - Default workers to run in a public subnet.
     *  - Mixed (recommended): Set both `privateSubnetIds` and `publicSubnetIds`.
     *    - Default all worker nodes to run in private subnets, and use the public subnets
     *  for internet-facing load balancers.
* If the list of subnets includes both public and private subnets, the worker
     * nodes will only be attached to the private subnets, and the public
     * subnets will be used for internet-facing load balancers.
However when I create node groups the IPs seems to be assigned at random from both public and private subnets. Wondering what I am doing wrong here