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04/14/2023, 8:02 AM
I need help getting an environment up on Azure using Pulumi C#. I'd guess I'll need about 6 hours work in total, in Pulumi C#. I'd like to get those hours in today, or over the weekend. If you are interested then let me know what your hourly rate is. 1. Create an AAD2BC directory (Done) 2. Register an app with that directory (Done, but it's registering with the wrong tenant) 3. Register API endpoints for the app + MS graph permissions to read user email etc (Done) 4. Add conditional access for that app (must have signed in with MFA) (Still required) 5. Reduce token lifetime to 30 minutes (if possible) (Still required) 6. SQL Server (Still required, but I think I can do this) 7. Linux WebApp (As above) 8. Stretch goal - private network for the web app to talk to the SQL Server DM me your hourly rate.