This installs a helm chart, however this chart gen...
# golang
This installs a helm chart, however this chart generates some CA secret data on every upgrade. This is problematic when running an Update I consistently see this updating and I'd like to avoid that behavior. Anyone have a nice fix? I don't think that ignoreChanges will work here.
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helm.NewChart(ctx, "cilium", helm.ChartArgs{
		Namespace: pulumi.String("kube-system"),
		FetchArgs: helm.FetchArgs{
			Version:     pulumi.String("1.13.1"),
			Repo:        pulumi.String("<>"),
		Chart:     pulumi.String("cilium"),
		Version:   pulumi.String("1.13.1"),
		Values: pulumi.Map{
			"eni": pulumi.Map{
				"enabled": pulumi.Bool(true),
			"ipam": pulumi.Map{
				"mode": pulumi.String("eni"),
			"egressMasqueradeInterfaces": pulumi.String("eth0"),
			"tunnel":                     pulumi.String("disabled"),
	}, pulumi.Provider(provider), pulumi.DependsOn([]pulumi.Resource{infrastructure.Cluster.Cluster}))