Hey guys, how are you? One simple question from m...
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Hey guys, how are you? One simple question from my side: I just executed a "pulumi preview --diff", and although in the changes report that appears in the end of the command execution no resource is marked as "to delete" I can see a lot of lines marked with - in front. This is the output of the k8s.helm.v3.Release.
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- allowNullValues         : false
          - apiVersion              : <null>
          + compat                  : "true"
          - createNamespace         : false
          - dependencyUpdate        : false
          - description             : ""
          - devel                   : false
          - disableCRDHooks         : false
          - disableOpenapiValidation: false
          - disableWebhooks         : false
          - keyring                 : ""
          - kind                    : <null>
          - lint                    : false
          - postrender              : ""
          - recreatePods            : false
          - renderSubchartNotes     : false
looks like these are Helm Values being deleted/added to the Chart Release. So the resource itself is not being deleted, but it's being modified
That's interesting, because I would expect to see those changes reflected in the statefile, but I didn't see it