04/20/2023, 3:01 PM
Hello, I changed the version used to create ManagedCluster with Azure (with using Pulumi.AzureNative.ContainerService.V20230101;). In my branch, I create a new cluster and the URN is looking like this: urn😛ulumi:dev-alussier:😒hared-cluster::akinox:akp-alussier-dev-alussier:aks:kubernetes::akp-alussier-dev-alussier-kubernetes-aks But, when I go on the main branch (without merging my branch) and I try to update the same cluster (with using Pulumi.AzureNative.ContainerService;), Pulumi is changing the URN: urn😛ulumi:dev-alussier:😒hared-cluster::akinox:akp-alussier-dev-alussier:aks:kubernetes*$azure-native:containerservice/v20230101*:ManagedCluster::akp-alussier-dev-alussier-kubernetes-aks-cluster. This makes Pulumi trying to delete the cluster and create a new one. It is not even a replacement, because of the type of resource that is changed in the ManagedCluster class (see the image). So right now, if I merge my branch, all the existing clusters that are used in this ComponentResource will be deleted and a new one will be recreated. 😞 Is there a way to make Pulumi understand that it is the same resource and that it should not create a new one?
by reading the Pulumi code, I came to a conclusion that the URN is built this way: <urn>:&lt;pulumi&gt;:<stack name>:<project name>:<parent type>$<child type>:<resource name>. Is that correct?