I did end up running into a few purrl issue, but I...
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I did end up running into a few purrl issue, but I think it's just me. If anyone way more experienced has thoughts, would love some insight. 1. Can I make a Purrl resource that isn't persisted to the stack? edit: it seems
on the Purrl resource does what I'm looking for 2. What's the best pattern for getting the Purrl
object and turning it into JSON? Should I be doing
, or is there a static method on Purrl I missed 3. What's the best practice (in your opinion) for bundling up the 7-10 Purrl's I need to do? edit: Think I solved this w/ a custom resource 4. When you don't match a response code, is there an
or other location the response text is located for logging purposes? AFAIK
only get set on a matching response code.
Hi @dry-pilot-49577, Sorry for the late reply. Busy week at KubeCon. 4. There is an PR i am reviewing currently -> https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-purrl/pull/75 2.
should be the key here.
I did run into one other snag. Does Purrl have a placeholder syntax for the resource id? Ideally the deleteUrl should be something like
I worked around it by making an API call out of pulumi, but wanted to make sure I didn't miss something.
Also, welcome back! No rush on these replies as I'm juggling a half dozen other things myself 🙂
Thats a good feature request indeed.
I am happy for every PR that extends Purrl with more features!
I will review now https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-purrl/pull/75 so we can get this released! So happy that it is already a community contribution! partypus 8bit
Hey @dry-pilot-49577, the PR is merged and a new version is released!