I have a question, I am using C# with Azure Native...
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I have a question, I am using C# with Azure Native and I am creating a key vault and secrets. I create my key vault var vault = new Vault(vaultName, new() { VaultName = vaultName, ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name, Properties = new Pulumi.AzureNative.KeyVault.Inputs.VaultPropertiesArgs { //removed }, EnableSoftDelete = false, EnabledForDeployment = true, EnabledForDiskEncryption = true, EnabledForTemplateDeployment = true, Sku = new Pulumi.AzureNative.KeyVault.Inputs.SkuArgs { Family = "A", Name = Pulumi.AzureNative.KeyVault.SkuName.Standard, }, TenantId = identity.TenantId, }, }); and secrets like var newSecret = new Secret(Name, new() { ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name, VaultName = keyVault.Name, SecretName = Name, Properties = new Pulumi.AzureNative.KeyVault.Inputs.SecretPropertiesArgs { // Only provide the value during an actual deployment. // This prevents updating the secret during a pulumi preview. Value = "SECRET VALUE", }, }, new CustomResourceOptions { DependsOn = keyVault, IgnoreChanges = { "Properties" } }); Everytime I run pulumi up it overrides the values in my keyvault, even thought I have ingore changes on. Anyone know why?? My goal here is to have Pulumi create the key vault and the secrets, and then we will go in manually to the keyvault and update the secrest with the real secret values, we only want Pulumi to create the outline of the secrets and a placeholder value Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
This might be the problem:
The property names passed to
should always be the “camelCase” version of the property name, as used in the core Pulumi resource model. For example, a property named
would turn into
Try “properties”.
looks like a duplicate question. also answered in #dotnet