05/05/2023, 7:44 AM
[EFS volume & Fargate ECS]
Index ts *Gist* Hello, I'm trying to understand how to correctly mount an EFS volume for a Fargate Task. The things I believe I have setup correctly: 1. EFS Volume has Endpoints for each public SubNet 2. EFS Volume has a security group allowing inbound traffic on port 2049 for any source 3. SecurityGroups allowing 2049 (and 80 and 443) also used for the ALB, and the TaskConfiguration Network 4. Task runs in the one of the public SubNets 5. Task has a role policy that allows EFS actions I believe this is what's needed in order for the task to be able to ping and mount the volume, however the tasks always error with ⚠️
Failed to resolve "<|>"
If anyone has any pointers I'd really appreciate it!