# automation-api


05/05/2023, 5:57 PM
quick question on pulumi accounts and orgs (on dynamically using automation ? We have a commercial product using Pulumi automation API in the backend and we want our multi tenant system to automatically create pulumi accounts (for each tenant) when needed. We will pass user id, email and other required parameters. Also is there any rate limit if we do spin up multiple accounts at any given time.


05/07/2023, 1:44 PM
Would love to understand a little bit more about the scenario. Do the end users of the multi-tenant system have access to the pulumi accounts that are provisioned on their behalf? What sort of stacks are stored in the accounts? Are the accounts added to an organization? We do have rate limiting around account creation due to previous experiences with spammers, and as a result we don't publish details about the rate limits that are in place.


05/08/2023, 1:05 PM
Thanks @lemon-agent-27707. fyi that Nick from Pulumi did get back to me (with options for pulumi service rest api etc. and ideas on the use of teams with in an org). On the access to the end user tenants, we preferably do want to give them access and are exploring options. i wanted to understand all the available options. It seems like either a dedicated account (which will be problematic for us as we use Automation API and will have to provision a dedicated instance for AAPI for each account) OR a single account, an org and multiple TEAMS. We are discussing it internally to see what's viable.
i guess we are not sure if a single instance of automation API supports login using multiple tokens (each token representing a tenant) and some how tracks them.