Hi everyone, I'm trying to modify the <instanceRef...
# aws
Hi everyone, I'm trying to modify the instanceRefresh property of an auto-scaling group (ASG) that is created automatically by an
. As far as I can tell this property is only available when the ASG is created, and there doesn't seem a way to pass the setting in when I create the NodeGroup. I can lookup the ASG from
but I don't think I can modify the instanceRefresh setting. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this? The problem I'm really trying to solve is having the EC2 instances have a
tag applied automatically. I can create an
that propagates to the instances, but it won't get added to the instances that were launched when the NodeGroup was first created. I can manually terminate them to get the tag in place, but that's annoying and easy to forget. I thought if I could configure the ASG to refresh the instances when tags change then it would solve my problem.