05/13/2023, 1:52 AM
Greetings! I am using a lot of the autonaming feature on Azure resources, but I would love if I could specify the naming algorithm in a more specific way, in my case just because of a single hyphen. If I use the auto naming feature on a resource group, for example, and I name it
it will become something like
(without an extra hyphen). So I need to name my resource
, and I hate the extra hyphen in the pulumi names, specially because not all resources use a suffix, so the URNs become a mess. Using pulumi/random is not a solution, since I need a new name when something needs to be deleted/recreated and by design the random naming is persisted between runs (which is good for the library purposes, but bad for circumventing the issue here). Any tips on overriding this feature to achieve this?