Hello Pulumiverse! We are looking for judges to e...
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Hello Pulumiverse! We are looking for judges to evaluate student AI for Good projects and help determine the top 10 global winning teams. Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior provides students aged 13 to 18 the opportunity to learn about technology and how it can be used to positively change the world. The global challenge is focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), introducing students to AI and Microsoft’s AI for Good initiatives so they can come up with ideas to solve social, cultural, and environmental issues. It’s also a great opportunity to encourage students to develop and practice 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The window for judging opens on Friday and runs through June 1 with the expectation that each judge will take a maximum of 2 hours to evaluate their assigned projects. Anyone over the age of 18 (who isn’t an ICJ team leader) is eligible to judge. We have a dashboard and rubric that makes judging pretty straight forward. If you are interested in judging the student projects, please go to the Imagine Cup website to register and create a profile. As our platform is shared with the students, your profile will ask for school information. Enter any information you see fit. It isn’t needed for judging, but it is a necessary step to be fully registered and ready to go for your assignments. Once you are registered, please send your registered Imagine Cup email address to Liz Butowicz by noon on Thursday, May 18*.* We’ll then queue you for a slot to assist in judging the submissions and send you your assignments on Friday, May 19. We will also provide you with all of the information you’ll need to get started with your student project evaluations when judging opens. Thank you in advance for your help! #jobs