05/16/2023, 7:04 AM
hi, could somebody from Pulumi help me out? I've discovered a bug with the system. I made a mistake renaming a resource, and now there is no way to delete or rename, or do anything with the renamed resource:
pulumi state rename urn:pulumi:stage::vpc::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc::environment urn:pulumi:stage::vpc::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc::shared
# the second argument to 'rename' should have been the new name, instead of the new urn
Now when I
pulumi state --show-urns
shows the following urn for the vpc:
├─ aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc                                                  urn:pulumi:stage
    │     URN: urn:pulumi:stage::vpc::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc::urn:pulumi:stage::vpc::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc::shared
Now using the new urn, I get an error when trying to rename:
$ pulumi state rename urn:pulumi:stage::vpc::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc::urn:pulumi:stage::vpc::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc::shared shared
error: The provided input URN is not valid