I've been using the Pulumi AI <https://www.pulumi....
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I've been using the Pulumi AI https://www.pulumi.com/ai/ and whilst it is quite handy it does seem to make up stuff, i.e. produce code that is more wishful thinking than actually viable. The other day I asked it about base64 encoding of userData in an aws-native launchTemplate and it happily told me that I didn't need to base64 encode it, but on reading the docs I couldn't find a launchTemplate function in the aws-native provider, and the one in the aws provider needs the userData to be base64 encoded. Today I asked it how to add an instance role to a launch template, and it correctly told me I need to add an instance profile to the template, but the code it provided
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// Create the launch template that uses the instance profile and IAM role
const launchTemplate = new aws.ec2.LaunchTemplate("launchTemplate", {
    imageId: "ami-0c94855ba95b798c7", // Replace with the desired AMI ID
    instanceType: "t2.micro", // Change to desired instance type
    instanceProfileName: instanceProfile.name,
    // Additional launch template settings can be added here, such as security groups
uses instanceProfileName, which the compiler complained about and the docs say doesn't exist. There is iamInstanceProfile which takes an arn, so I was able to make it work. I'm not complaining, I do find the AI to be useful, but it is worth noting that its code needs checking.
This is unfortunately just how ChatGPT behaves currently; it can be confidently incorrect. Take everything it says with a grain of salt.
I once had normal ChatGPT telling me to install some "custom resources" for Chef InSpec from a GitHub repository and documentation website that didn't exist. I prompted it, it figured out key bits of information I said to it, and used the models it has to produce something intelligible based on what it knows about other resources following that pattern.
It's a great tool in that it can fill gaps in reference documentation and examples, but there is no interpreter involved in running/analyzing/testing the solutions.
a confident liar. maybe ChatGPT should run for office