Hi team! I have made a package for Zitadel (<https...
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Hi team! I have made a package for Zitadel (https://zitadel.com/). @limited-rainbow-51650 Could you please help me to transfer it into pulumiverse? https://github.com/vavsab/pulumi-zitadel I have already requested the transfer
@bulky-hamburger-30930 the repo is migrated. Can you update some of the SDK package namespaces to point to Pulumiverse? Info here: https://github.com/pulumiverse/infra#package-registries I will in the meantime import the repo and access to our Pulumi managed setup also managed in that
Thank you so much! I will do a renaming soon.
@limited-rainbow-51650 Could you please take a look at all the secrets for publishing? I'm getting errors when creating a release https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-zitadel/actions/runs/5095819001/jobs/9161156135#step:13:31
@limited-rainbow-51650 Could you please take a look at the repo-level secrets? https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-zitadel/pull/1#issuecomment-1567538956
@limited-rainbow-51650 Or I still have my personal secret there or you need to create a package for me
@bulky-hamburger-30930 I removed the repository secret.
It helped. Thanks. Now python is failing. I will get back to you if need any further help there
@limited-rainbow-51650 do you have an idea how can it be? I removed everything from CI. I only check whether PyPi secret is set https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-zitadel/blob/bd856616db4daa602e987543d2359233f0701b98/.github/workflows/release.yml#L38 The strangest for me that in Astra provider it is set and works properly.
I can only suggest you to check whether PyPi secret has this option set and zitadel repo is included there
The 3 org secrets are available to all public repositories in the organization.
If I look at the Actions secrets settings on
, then it shows the values are properly inherited from the organization.
Have no idea how to resolve it... I will disable python package.
@limited-rainbow-51650 Finally found the problem 1. https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-astra/pull/27 2. https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-zitadel/pull/1 3. Please also remove all the secrets from this repo https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-astra . It confused me a lot 👀