Hi there! I'm trying to import some vSphere resour...
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Hi there! I'm trying to import some vSphere resources into Pulumi, but the import commands aren't documented. I've been able to reverse engineer/guess-and-check a few things but I'm stuck on importing a compute cluster. I try
pulumi import vsphere:index/computeCluster:ComputeCluster hampshire_cluster "/DATACENTER/CLUSTER"
with the correct datacenter and cluster names, but I always get
error: Preview failed: importing /DATACENTER/CLUSTER: error loading cluster: cluster '/DATACENTER/CLUSTER' not found
My guess is that I'm missing some part of the path to the cluster... Does anybody have any advice on how to figure out how to format the <id> portion of the import command until the documentation is updated?
I figured this one out. for me it was
pulumi import vsphere:index/computeCluster:ComputeCluster hampshire_cluster "/DATACENTER/host/CLUSTER"
I figured this out by installing and configuring the vCenter PowerShell module, using Get-Cluster to find the cluster's parent ID, and then tracking that folder down. I think "host" must be a default/hidden folder because I don't see it in vSphere.