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05/19/2023, 9:21 PM Hello guys, any workarounds for this issue? I cannot use @pulumi/docker v4 right now because this is a consistent error on the github actions workflow. Locally, sometimes we get this error but after running pulumi again it works.


06/14/2023, 5:27 PM
@many-television-17079 did you ever solve this? We are also encountering the problem. Pushing a Docker to AWS ECR fails intermittently (but frequently) with the
An image does not exist locally with the tag
error. It sounds like downgrading
and not using v4 is the only workaround?


06/14/2023, 10:23 PM
Unfortunately, I did not found a fix yet. It seems to be related to the provider making the push before the image is completed building locally, but the staff could not reproduce the issue yet. For now, I am surviving on v3. I don't even mind the slower building time, but having the image being recreated on every pulumi preview is a productivity killer. If you can, I suggest you to comment on the issue on github with information related to your scenario, so maybe with more information someone can pinpoint where the issue lies and fix it.