Hi Guys!, I am new to Pulumi. I have created AKS c...
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Hi Guys!, I am new to Pulumi. I have created AKS cluster in Azure with Pulumi. When I made changes to cluster through console, is there way to get those changes to Pulumi stack and typescript file? Change : enable auto scaling and change node count from 2 to 1 I did refresh and import when import changes into json file, I can see the changes, but I can't use existing code and when use pulumi up, it's keep failing since it try to delete the subnet
You should update your code to match what you have changed in Azure Portal and then do a refresh, or make the change after the refresh but you must make the code changes to match the portal before you run another stack update. Doing a refresh does not mutate your code. It only mutates your stack's checkpoint with values read from Azure.
Is there way to get the code changes based on stack change.
I can get the diff of the stack but it's JSON based
changes like node count can apply
but subnet changes not
when run pulumi up, it's trying to delete old subnet , which is failing
I vaguely remember there being an issue with the subnets property specifically after a refresh with regards to AKS. Try searching the issues in the
repo for it. There should be a workaround specified there.
oki, cool, thanks @clever-sunset-76585, I will check and update. 👍