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05/22/2023, 6:29 AM
Hi guys, I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but I find it strange. • pulumi with golang • deploy lambda with versioning enabled set reservedConcurrency to -1 • add alias • create provisioned concurrency for the alias without routing / weight • add as scalable target and add autoscaling policy when do update with pre existing version it returned with
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 aws:lambda:ProvisionedConcurrencyConfig (lambda-provisioned-concurrency):
  error: 1 error occurred:
  	* updating urn:pulumi:dev::lambda::aws:lambda/provisionedConcurrencyConfig:ProvisionedConcurrencyConfig::lambda-provisioned-concurrency: 1 error occurred:
  	* updating Lambda Provisioned Concurrency Config (lambda-handler-dev:live): InvalidParameterValueException: Alias with weights can not be used with Provisioned Concurrency
   RespMetadata: {
    StatusCode: 400,
    RequestID: "69dfe9f6-7991-4f9e-8ce1-aae34e8ba629"
   Message_: "Alias with weights can not be used with Provisioned Concurrency",
   Type: "User"

 pulumi:pulumi:Stack (lambda-dev):
  error: update failed
although if given sometime, when I check at the console, the update actually went tru.