I think I have exactly the same problem as immedia...
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I think I have exactly the same problem as immediately above (my creds rotated and there's stale state stuck in the providers), this time with the Cloudflare and DigitalOcean providers, but I can't fix it with
pulumi up
because Pulumi incorrectly thinks it needs to recreate all my resources. I tried
pulumi stack export
but I don't know with what to replace the
input and output strings in the providers: when I replace them with the appropriate encrypted values from my
file, I get "could not deserialize deployment: invalid character 'Y' after top-level value" on the import, so presumably they need to be somehow different between the state file and the stack config file. I also tried
pulumi refresh --target <urn of the provider>
, but that appears to have been a no-op; and
pulumi up --target <urn of the provider>
said there was no resource with that URN. How can I tell Pulumi to use the correct credentials in a refresh operation?
(I also tried
pulumi state delete
on the provider URNs, in the hope that I could then recreate it from scratch, but that's forbidden because other state depends on it.)
👋 Can you see the URNs for the providers from the state file? You might be able to do a
pulumi up --target=provider_urn
to get just the provider state updated to the latest tokens, and then do a refresh to get everything else updated.
saying there was no resource by that URN might mean you just got the URN copied wrong, or if these are default providers maybe they're not getting picked up by --target, which esh we should look into.
Yeah, I copy-pasted the URNs from the
pulumi stack export
output - just tried again with the same "no resource with that URN" result
They are indeed default providers, I believe
(I'm just going to tear it down and bring it up again)
I'll check that, can't see why default providers would be skipped from targets. Delete and re-import should at least get your state fixed up for now.
Could it have been bad shell escaping?
There are no shell metacharacters in any of my tokens, if that's what you mean
pulumi up
worked, I just didn't want to do it before a
pulumi refresh
because my state was out of sync