Howdy folks! We're trying to update our AKS Cluste...
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Howdy folks! We're trying to update our AKS Cluster to enable a feature that's only available from
of the Azure API, which was available in the v1.99.0 Pulumi provider but we're running in to problems with Pulumi refusing to acknowledge the new AKS SKU name change that's mandatory from that version onwards. We thought we'd try a newer provider version and see if it had a newer API too but the latest API version available in v1.99.1 and up has dropped back to
. Would it be advisable to open an issue on GitHub or has anyone got any advice on if they've encountered similar issues with versioning? Thanks muchly!
For reference to the actual problem that kicked this off, this is the actually error flow we get when trying to run
pulumi up
to make the changes using provider
with API `v2023-02-01`:
error: Code="SkuNotAvailable" Message="Basic managed cluster SKU name is invalid. 'Basic' has been replaced by 'Base' since v2023-02-01. "
This is with the code being updated to declare the SKU name as
. I also tried editing the Pulumi state to set the SKU name to
and then ran a refresh and it wants to update it back to `Basic`:
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~ sku                    : {
      ~ name: "Base" => "Basic"
        tier: "Free"
We've also confirmed via AZ CLI that it is already set to
HI @gorgeous-monkey-78209, how do you fixed this problem? I am currently running into the same Thanks