Hi, we are migrating some AWS resources to pulumi,...
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Hi, we are migrating some AWS resources to pulumi, but trying to migrate by importing a targetGroup with pulumi
pulumi import aws:alb/targetGroup:TargetGroup app_front_end my_arn
we are getting the following error:
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error: anonymous.pp:30,22-31,14: cannot assign expression of type (null) to location of type   list(  { onDeregistration: output(string) | string, onUnhealthy: output(string) | string }
  | output({ onDeregistration: string, onUnhealthy: string }))
| output(list({ onDeregistration: string, onUnhealthy: string }))?: ;
Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? May it is a cli bug or is it a bug on the AWS side?
I think that’ll need a bug report I’m afraid, could you open an issue in github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws
Sure Jaxxstorm, I'll open it right now 🙂 Thanks