Hello, I'm trying to convert some HCL to pulumi ty...
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Hello, I'm trying to convert some HCL to pulumi typescript using the convert command, but it just sits on 100% CPU and nothing is happening. No amount of v=999999999 will give me more info. Any ideas?
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❯ pulumi convert --language typescript --from terraform
warning: Plugin converters are currently experimental
The Terraform code in question is just from the AWS Terraform blueprints
As soon as I hit enter it failed with this:
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error: could not generate output program: failed to bind program: no resource plugin 'pulumi-resource-std' found in the workspace or on your $PATH
A pulumi plugin install for that gives 404
Hello! We’re currently actively working on adding support for converting Terraform using
pulumi convert
, so there are still bugs and rough edges we’re working through.
What version of the Pulumi CLI are you using? We should be automatically installing the
provider if it’s not already installed, but you could manually install it via
pulumi plugin install resource std
When I try converting that example with
installed, I hit a number of known bugs that we’re still in the process of fixing.
Pulumi version:
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Version      3.68.0
Go Version   go1.20.4
Go Compiler  gc
I’ll add this example to our test suite
Thanks @microscopic-pilot-97530