Hi I have a two part question 1. When getting valu...
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Hi I have a two part question 1. When getting values from the stack, I often find my self using pulumi args e.g. gcp.compute.BackendServiceArgs. To be more precise I would create an interface and assign a variable in that interface that is type of gcp.compute.BackendServiceArgs. I was wondering if that is a bad practice or not.
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var: gcp.compute.BackendServiceArgs;
I was wondering if that was a bad practice. 2. I'm getting values from stack config. When I get those values they have pulumi.input wrapper around them. Specifically I have an array that has pulumi.input wrapper around it and inside of that array are pulumi.input<strings>. How can I substitute values that are inside of that array with a different value. The values that are defined in the stack are placeholders that I want to replace in code.