# dotnet


05/30/2023, 3:50 AM
I am reaching out regarding an issue we are facing with our Pulumi .NET automation. We have configured the working directory to be set from our .NET Core 6 project, and we call the
function. Our application is hosted on Kubernetes (K8s), and we keep encountering the following error message: "errorMessage": "An error occurred trying to start process 'pulumi' with working directory '/tmp/pulumi'. No such file or directory". However, we have verified that the folder path exists in the pod, and the "tmp" folder has the necessary permissions. We have set up the working directory as follows: var stackArgs = new InlineProgramArgs(PulumiConfigurationConstants.ProjectName, environment, program) { StackSettings = new Dictionary<string, StackSettings> { [environment] = new() { SecretsProvider = PulumiConfigurationConstants.SecretsProvider } }, SecretsProvider = PulumiConfigurationConstants.SecretsProvider, ProjectSettings = new ProjectSettings(PulumiConfigurationConstants.ProjectName, ProjectRuntimeName.Dotnet) { Backend = new ProjectBackend { Url = PulumiConfigurationConstants.PulumiProjectBackendUrl } }, WorkDir = Path.Combine("..", "tmp", "pulumi") }; var stack = await LocalWorkspace.CreateOrSelectStackAsync(stackArgs);