Hello everyone. I have some resources especially t...
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Hello everyone. I have some resources especially task Definitions that I have manually deleted on my aws ecs console page. Now that I’m trying to destroy all resources (
pulumi destroy -s <my-stack>
), I can’t get them destroyed as it can’t successfully delete those resources that I’ve manually deleted on the aws console. I also tried to delete the stack entirely (
pulumi stack rm <my-stack>
), and it’s the same error I’m getting. Please see image below for more info:
Hi, try running
pulumi refresh
to update the Pulumi state with the latest changes. Then you can continue either deploying with
pulumi up
or destroying with
pulumi destroy
I’m still getting the same error
I see that there are 2 `awsecsTaskDefinition`s that may be interfering with each other. Maybe you can double check them. If that does not work, you can try fixing by configuring dependencies for the failing asset - the root level