I understand the code behind dynamic providers is ...
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I understand the code behind dynamic providers is serialized and stored somewhere, how do I update this code? The API the provider integrates with has a breaking change that's preventing the old serialized version from working. I've updated my local code but running up again still behaves as if its running the old provider code. I'm running via the automation api, if that helps?
ah my bad, I've made this mistake before. I need to comment out the
call if I need to clear something out of the remote (?) cache
though, still struggling to get my provider to serialize. Seems there are a lot of quirks to function serialization. I'm trying to create a hash digest from an input JSON but I need to shape the JSON in a deterministic way before doing stringify -> encode -> hash. I was hoping to use
but it won't let me import my zod schema from a shared library in my nx monorepo so I tried to drop to
which is a very plain object, and it had trouble serializing that too (the variable
is used inside a function, and declare later in the file which throws the serializer)
serialization error makes sense, but I also can't seem to get
from lodash to serialize. are there any utils available to reuse? I imagine object comparison is a common task inside of a provider