Anyone know what could be causing this message ```...
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Anyone know what could be causing this message
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warning: Found legacy stack files in state store:
  - dev
Please run 'pulumi state upgrade' to migrate them to the new format.
if both users working on a repo containing the .pulumi folder use the same version of pulumi (3.63.0). user A created and pushed to the repo and can deploy and view resources just fine. user B cloned the repo and gets the above error whenever trying to interact with any stack. i have no idea where a legacy stack file could could be coming from.
That's not an error, just a warning. Might be the other user has set the envvar to turn it off. If you look inside the .pulumi folder you should find a "stacks" folder and in there is probably a plain json file from an old stack (i.e. not underneath a project folder)
ah, there were indeed some older stack files lying around. didnt notice those. thanks!
Well, as it turns out, we were not using the same pulumi versions after all. I was using 3.63.0 and the other person was using 3.43.x. We were not able to work on the same stacks with different pulumi versions. Is that expected?
Partially. New versions of pulumi support "project based" file store, and will default to using that mode when creating a new backend location and can upgrade old backend locations to that mode with
pulumi upgrade
You can turn off that default upgrade with
but any existing backend already in project mode will stay in project mode. Old versions of pulumi won't understand project mode, some more recent ones understand it well enough to error that it's unrecognized but very old versions will just write old style non-project scoped files to the backend.
Thats good to know! any details on whats whats “old” and “recent”? Maybe a blog post explaining that change? 🙂 are we good when everyone is using 3.63.0 and higher?
perfect, thank you!