Is there an existing bug with creating aws eks nod...
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Is there an existing bug with creating aws eks node groups with pulumi-aws-native package when using a custom ami? It seems that when creating the node group, no Version or ReleaseVersion is required or sent, and node groups creates fine. But when running subsequent runs, if there is an update to the node group, the request to eks api is including a ReleaseVersion and Version which fails the request, because you cannot provide those when using a custom AMI. The update works if pass ReleaseVersion and Version = "" , but this only works for updates. if try to create a new node group, with ReleaseVersion and Version = "", the create fails complaining that those cannot be set when using a custom ami. It seems like some logic is off here. I've done a workaround of using
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so that I can create the node group without the ReleaseVersion and Version set if the node group doesnt exist, and set them = "" if the node group does exist. This seems to work, but it seems like this logic should be handled in the package.