Hi all! :wave: I'm relatively new to Pulumi so ap...
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Hi all! đź‘‹ I'm relatively new to Pulumi so apologies in advance if the answer to my query is obvious (I've searched online and these Slack channels without luck). Context: JavaScript Pulumi project using
. I'm trying to create an SQS queue, but when running
pulumi up
I see the following warnings/errors:
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  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (<PROJECT NAME>-dev):
    warning: Queue is deprecated: Queue is not yet supported by AWS Native, so its creation will currently fail. Please use the classic AWS provider, if possible.

  aws-native:sqs:Queue (<QUEUE NAME>):
    error: Resource type aws-native:sqs:Queue not found
Here's the general gist of my project file:
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'use strict';

const pulumi = require('@pulumi/pulumi')
const aws = require('@pulumi/aws-native')

const queue = new aws.sqs.Queue('example-queue', {
  // Config…
Is creating an SQS queue using
not possible, or am I doing something wrong? Cheers!
Hello @brief-farmer-36202, the AWS Native provider is still in preview. This provider follows the availability of resources offered in the new AWS Cloud Control API. If the resource is not available in the native provider, this (most likely) means it is not offered yet via this new AWS api. Please use the AWS Classic provider in such cases. There is no problem mixing both providers in the same Pulumi project.
Hi @limited-rainbow-51650, Thanks for taking the time to respond. 🙏 I didn't realise both providers could be used side by side in a Pulumi project—I'll look further into that today. Regarding the specific resource I'm having issues with (an SQS queue), the AWS Cloud Control API docs state that
is indeed a supported resource type. As it's a supported resource, could there be another reason why I'm seeing that
Resource type aws-native:sqs:Queue not found
error message? Cheers!