Hello, I'm using the following to get an existing ...
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Hello, I'm using the following to get an existing subnet from Azure:
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AzureNative.Network.GetSubnet.Invoke(new ()
    ResourceGroupName = "rg-name",
    VirtualNetworkName = "vnet-name",
    SubnetName = "subnet-name",
    Expand = "routeTable"
However, the routeTable is empty. When I try the request using the REST API directly (az rest --method get --uri ''https://management.azure.com/subscriptions/<subId>/resourceGroups/<rgName>/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/<vnetName>/subnets/<subnetName>?api-version=2020-11-01&$expand=routeTable''), the routeTable information is properly returned. Does anyone have an idea why?
Are you sure the azure credentials you’re using for the cli are the same as the Pulumi call?
Yes, both commands are executed on the same machine and Pulumi uses the same credentials as Azure CLI
I see that: I0609 110906.919050 14330 eventsink.go:78] eventSink::Infoerr(<{%reset%}>I0609 110906.916901 14995 log.go:75] Unmarshaling property for RPC[azure-native.Invoke(azure-nativenetwork/v20220901getSubnet).args]: expand={routeTable}
But the logged URL does not include the expand parameter
interesting, could you file an issue in the azure-native repo?
Yes, I will, thank you