The <docs> mention a terraform resource `aws_cogni...
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The docs mention a terraform resource
that does not seem to be either in the AWS provider or aws-native. My pulumi program is creating a managed opensearch domain w/ cognito authentication. I need to "adopt" the Cognito client definition created by opensearch and modify it to put in additional redirect / logout URLs. If this resource existed, I could probably do it? How do I either add the resource or work around it?
Hi Duane, the
is available as stated by our docs; see here in the Go SDK.
Hi Thomas. Agreed, but it's not exactly what I need? Pulumi's provider docs mention a terraform resource type where they say (presumably copied from the terraform):
To manage a User Pool Client created by another service, such as when configuring an OpenSearch Domain to use Cognito authentication, use the
resource instead.
This is my exact situation. Opensearch creates a Cognito user pool on my behalf, and I need to include it in my IAC so that I may make further changes to it. Importing it into state would work, but that's a messy hack.
I don't see a
is what I am saying
Hi Duane, really sorry for the delay here. I filed an issue for this:
oh hi! Awesome. I didn't know if I was doing something wrong or not
I'm super comfortable w/ terraform but still learning pulumi
thank you Thomas!
( Plus I asked just a couple days before Pulumi Up, so I bet y'all were super busy)
NP! Be sure to keep asking questions. Unfortunately, our native AWS provider is still a bit limited due to Amazon’s slow expansion of cloud formation. (It’s auto-generated from their specs.)
yeah, I saw that. Amazon doing everyone a favor by giving you a really standardized generateable API, but it's probably not the first class API for each service