I upgraded to v3.70 via homebrew and now seeing th...
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I upgraded to v3.70 via homebrew and now seeing this error, it seems like a child process is printing with colors switched on?
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pulumi:providers:pulumi-nodejs default  error: pulumi-nodejs (resource) plugin [/opt/homebrew/bin/pulumi-resource-pulumi-nodejs] wrote a non-numeric port to stdout ('0'): strconv.Atoi: parsing "\x1b[33m64263\x1b[39m": invalid syntax
Possibly an issue with
v1.8.15 published 6 days ago
I've rolled back both
and still experiencing this issue I believe perhaps its the latest version of the CLI. It may be running plugins in a way that makes the plugin / its dependencies believe it should print color output?
Possibly this PR? it's the only one I could find that makes changes to the files implementing
Strange, we run tests against those grpc end points in CI. Plus those new endpoints are used by pulumi-resource-pulumi-nodejs (which is the plugin for node dynamic providers), I suspect your right that it might be due to changes in grpc-js. Can you raise an issue on github for us to look into this.