Hi all, could there be an issue with the latest re...
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Hi all, could there be an issue with the latest release of Pulumi where it makes plugins running in child process believe they should print color output? I am seeing this error since v3.70 where it looks like
is correctly printing the port, but unfortunately it's being wrapped in ANSI color codes...
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pulumi:providers:pulumi-nodejs default  error: pulumi-nodejs (resource) plugin [/opt/homebrew/bin/pulumi-resource-pulumi-nodejs] wrote a non-numeric port to stdout ('0'): strconv.Atoi: parsing "\x1b[33m65010\x1b[39m": invalid syntax
Has someone gotten back to you on this or did you file a GitHub issue? This is pretty surprising
Hi friel 🙂 I raised this issue on github: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/13150 I have a sneaking feeling this may be due to node v20.3 which I've also noticed has caused problems with other libraries as well, e.g. esbuild.
For now I'm just manually editing
and wrapping port in a String, e.g.
Thanks for filing the issue!