This is an exciting week here at Pulumi. We have ...
# announcements
This is an exciting week here at Pulumi. We have the PulumiUP conference coming up on Thursday, and leading up to that we will have a variety of product announcements and launches coming out every day this week. We can’t wait to share the product news with you, and to get together with the Pulumi Community at PulumiUP on Thursday! pulumi logo We’ll be sharing the product launches here in #announcements throughout the week. As always, we appreciate the support from the community here in sharing this news wide and far within your own networks and in the other communities you are part of. 🗣️ Thanks, and stay tuned. The first new feature announcement is coming up shortly! pulumipus dancing music
It's a pity not all of the events are going to be ondemand for those that aren't able to wake up at 1am to watch the event. (AEST is +10GMT/UTC)
The videos for all sessions will be available on demand a little later today after the event wraps up. Check back at later today and you should be able to view them then.