Ok, this isn't directly Pulumi related, but I'm wo...
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Ok, this isn't directly Pulumi related, but I'm wondering if anyone has any good resources/information/experience on what KPIS/cycle time metrics are good for monitoring progress of a platform team? We're a relatively small start up so whilst we're making platform improvements there isn't major requests coming from our product teams regularly so most things I've read don't make sense for us right now.
even though not directly related to platform engineering, see if this helps / this one is more for apps and management teams - https://www.kaiburr.com/engineering-excellence-2/
also we have worked with a few platform eng teams for our commercial no code platform (QMCLOUD.io) and i can share what they are tracking for KPI"s with infra teams. DM if you think this will be helpful
The latest stuff I read from Nicole Forsgren and others says that you should measure platform team performance via DX surveys. Can't remember if this is the article I read, though: https://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=3454124