I'm looking to learn more about the various ways f...
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I'm looking to learn more about the various ways folks in the Pulumi community are authoring and running tests over their Pulumi IaC. We have our own guides on testing at https://www.pulumi.com/docs/using-pulumi/testing/, but I'd love to hear from anyone applying testing to their IaC in particularly notable or impactful ways, to learn more about the approaches you are using. Feel free to share here or in DM if you've got any stories you are able to share!
I use TDD with all my projects across all my clients. It's nice to be able to upskill the appdevs when demoing the infra code and commit history to them 🙂
Always TS + mocha/jest. The
method has to be exposed in every file, which is a bit annoying:
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declare module "@pulumi/pulumi" {
  export interface OutputInstance<T> {
    promise(withUnknowns?: boolean): Promise<T>;
It'd be great if there were equivalent of
(and chai-as-promised's
) for Outputs 🙂