Hi all, I am getting this message when trying to i...
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Hi all, I am getting this message when trying to import a resource:
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error: Preview failed: autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status=400 Code="NoRegisteredProviderFound" Message="No registered resource provider found for location 'westus2' and API version '2021-01-01' for type 'workspaces/services'. The supported api-versions are '2020-05-01-preview'. The supported locations are 'northcentralus, canadacentral, centralindia, uksouth, westus, centralus, eastasia, japaneast, japanwest, jioindiawest, germanywestcentral, switzerlandnorth, uaenorth, southafricanorth, norwayeast, canadaeast, eastus, northeurope, koreacentral, brazilsouth, francecentral, australiaeast, eastus2, westus2, westcentralus, southeastasia, westeurope, southcentralus, swedencentral, ukwest, australiasoutheast'."
Is this informing me that I specify api-version 2020-05-01-preview?
If so how do I specify in my pulumi import command?
I am running something similar to this: pulumi import azure-nativemachinelearningservicesEndpointVariant service456 subscriptions/34adfa4f-cedf-4dc0-ba29-b6d1a69ab345/resourceGroups/testrg123/providers/Microsoft.MachineLearningServices/workspaces/workspaces123/services/service456
Version of package is pulumi-azure-native==1.103.0
I figured this part out.